Tuesday, August 24, 2010


One time I had this really, like, super awesome idea.

However, I couldn't really articulate it the way it was floating around my head, no matter how much what I was trying to say was cracking me up before I could get it out.

For some reason, it just didn't come out right.

Then again, I laugh at stuff that's not funny all the time.

So, like...

I mean, it's just that, well...

All I'm saying is if Navy SEALs and Easter Seals are both going to lay claim to the word "seals" as part of their respective names, but not have anything to do with actual seals, then the Navy SEALs should be required to run some sort of mentoring program for the Easter Seals.

It could be called — and, seriously, check out this creativity all up in your face:

Easter SEALs!

But without the exclamation point. Or maybe it should have the exclamation point?

Yes: keep the exclamation point.

And I'm still thinking of a way to get Seal involved somehow. At the very least, I'm sure "Kiss From A Rose" can be part of the advertising campaign for this whole thing.


  1. I feel like a more appropriate Seal song in this instance would be "Don't Cry."

  2. Hm goodness, I never knew other (real / live) people thought like I did! That actually made complete sense to me (I'm scared now).

  3. Jess- I'm not familiar with that song, but the title alone suggests you might be right.

    Jen- Don't be scared. Just be startled.