liner notes

Mad, crazy shout-outs go out to the following: God, Momz, Pops, Ralph Macchio, Kid N Play, Surviving Myself, Ahmad Rashad, Jess (You're the awesomest person in the world!), bucchild, Mr. 5280, Scottie Pippen, Crizzle, Dolph Lundgren, bex, Aunt M-Bizzle & Uncle Mike, The Mantis Boys, LeBron James Ego, Andres Mayos, Adam & Mrs. Coupon Lady, Wreckx-N-Effect, Hyperbole And A Half, Skittles, The Onion, Uncle Chris, The 2005 World Series Champion Chicago White Sox, Louis CK, Myric, Bob, Eva Mendes, Dave Chappelle, Color Me Badd, Wesley Snipes, Writing To Reach You, H-Pizzle, the cast and crew of Gremlins 2, jimmypop, Sir Michael Of The Rocks & Chuck Inglish, TUF-Dubya!, Illiana, Spanish-English Dictionaries, that one girl at the bank back in the day, the other girl at the other bank back in the day, Hawk Harrelson, Soda & Candy Stories, Fire Joe Morgan, The Average Swordsman, Sade, the George Foreman Grill, Nate Dogg's vocal cords, all my SCN people, Tae Kwan Do Sleepover, my old dog Arnold (RIP), my old guinea pig Piggy (RIP), Braxton Roosevelt, Jenkins, Jacob Jacobs, Kunal Mohammed, McDougal McDonald, The Austerity Armory, cheeseburgers, art class, gym class, recess, Aunt Jemima syrup, Baxtrose, Mastodon, Vanessa, Whitney & Shaun, The Wire, the Linway basketball crew, Walter Payton (RIP), Chaka Khan, In Living Color, Trent Tucker, the city of Milwaukee, your mom, Skeletor, Bill Cosby, Rosati's Pizza, Wild ARS Chase, my iPod, the 1991-'93 & 1996-'98 World Champion Chicago Bulls, 2Pac, Andy Samberg, the A-Team TV show, Cardboard Swordfight, the 2010 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks, Die Hard 1 & 2, CaluNet, recycling bins, DVR technology, Pat & Danny, Mike Ditka, the 1985 Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears, grilled turkey sandwiches, Jack Bauer, Jeff $, DUMC, Tone Lōc, and last but never least: sliced bread.