el blog

Do you like ninjas with laser guns who ride around on unicorns in some sort of futuristic old western setting?!?!?


Well, then I'm not really sure what you'll think of my blog, but you'd probably like the music video I saw all that stuff in.

I've had some blogs before, but I fell off the bandwagon semi-recently-ish ago. Life got busy.

However, for the greater portion of this past year, a consortium of loosely-fitting concepts and half-cocked ideas within my cranium have banded together and demanded I acquire some fresh new blogging real estate for them to roam free, much like the farm you'd tell your kids you're taking the dog to.

I couldn't hold those concepts and ideas back any longer, so I went and found them a place to graze. By that, I mean here. This blog.

So, yeah. That's all I got.